Weight Loss

Winter Weight Loss Mistakes | The Leaf Nutrisystem Blog

Weight loss experts used to warn us that on average, Americans gain seven pounds over the holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year. Fortunately, more recent studies have dialed that number back to what looks like a more manageable pound… Continue Reading…

Workout Plans

Avoid These 16 Critical Mistakes for Gym Owners

Get the Basics… Don’t get in over your head on overhead costs Research your geographic market, provide something that’s currently missing Focus not only on customer acquisition but also retention Implement employee development to upgrade your operation Use the right… Continue Reading…

Weight Loss

Summer Weight Loss Mistakes | The Leaf Nutrisystem Blog

Summer tends to be the most fun and active time of year. And all kinds of delicious and nutritious foods are fresh and abundant in this season. Those are great reasons why summer is prime time to work toward your… Continue Reading…