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Fight the Flu: 6 Foods For a Stronger Immune System

Excitement is in the air for pumpkin spice lattes, knee-high boots and autumn leaves. Fall is here. But so is cold and flu season.We’ve all heard recommendations from the Center of Disease Control (CDC): Wash your hands, don’t share food… Continue Reading…


Why You Should Take Colostrum to Support Your Immune Heath

Colostrum is a substance produced by some mammals during pregnancy and after giving birth. In humans, colostrum starts secreting from the female breasts around the halfway mark of the pregnancy and for a few days after birth. Colostrum has a… Continue Reading…


How Silver Supplements Work To Support the Immune System

When you hear the word “silver,” what do you think? Perhaps you think of coins, or the periodic table of elements, or a second place medal. But did you know that silver can also be used as a dietary supplement?… Continue Reading…