Workout Plans

8 Essential Tools for Personal Training

Get the Basics… This listicle provides a selection of equipment that’s been proven effective and will last for decades to come. In addition to these tools, fitness business management software is essential for running your training business effectively.  All-in-one business… Continue Reading…


Get Your Essential Omega Fatty Acids From These Plants

Omega fatty acids are absolutely vital to our health. There are quite a few foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish and other seafood, nuts and seeds, plant oil (especially flaxseed oil), and fortified foods like some brands… Continue Reading…


Essential Ear Health Tips for Kids

Learn how to maintain your child’s ear health. Whether your child is prone to ear infections or not, understanding and caring for your child’s ears is part of being a parent. Ear infections can pop up at any time, and… Continue Reading…


Start Your Detox Journey With Turmeric And Essential Oils

Detoxification can be a great way to push reset on your body and mind. The promise is that by following a detoxification program you can remove foreign materials and waste from the body that might have been building up for… Continue Reading…


Essential Protein and Vitamin Supplements for Athletes in Training

Learn about the best supplements for athletes! March is National Athletic Training Month, and while you’re gearing up to get in shape, we’re taking inventory on all the supplements for athletes that can help you achieve your goals. Don’t worry,… Continue Reading…


3 Essential Oils for Springtime Challenges

Spring is the season of renewal. Snow melts, temperatures rise, and flowers bloom. But with plant and pollen particles floating through the air, some find it hard to enjoy springtime’s beauty. If you suffer from uncomfortable responses to pollen, you… Continue Reading…