Weight Loss

Salt Cravings and Weight Loss

We all need salt. Sodium is essential for keeping the balance of fluids in our bodies right, helping our muscles contract and our nerves sending messages to our brains, says the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The mineral is a… Continue Reading…

Weight Loss

Cravings: What They Say About Your Health

Sometimes you crave something sweet when you’re feeling particularly stressed. Sometimes you’re in the mood for a salty snack or want a cold and creamy treat. These cravings are normal, but other times, obsessing about certain foods may mean your… Continue Reading…

Weight Loss

Sweet and Savory Cravings: Men vs. Women

Give a man a burger to make his belly happy and a woman some chocolate: It may sound cliché or stereotypical, but there’s actual science to back up the gender division when it comes to sweet and savory cravings. Several… Continue Reading…