Molasses With Raspberry Leaf Tea= TKO Uterine Cramps

When it’s that time the month have you ever felt like you couldn’t do anything because the pelvic pains were so unbearable? Well what if there was a natural alternative to OTC (over the counter)medications that actually works. Molasses and Raspberry tea is the answer.
What is Molasses?
Molasses is a very dark syrup that is derived from raw sugars and it’s formed during the refining process. It is also used as a alternative to white sugar for baking goods.
Different types of Molasses

  • Cane Molasses: It is the common form found in many grocery stores but it doesn’t say cane on most of the packaging but it’s effective as well.
  • Blackstrap Molasses: This is the most recommended form because it is concentrated so it contains higher amounts of vitaminsB6 and minerals including calcium, magnesium and iron. It also has a great source of Potassium. There are also studies that blackstrap molasses also helps shrink uterine fibroids. You can usually find this form of molasses in mostly health food stores.
  • Sugar Beet Molasses: It’s a little different from the other forms because it isn’t from a sugar cane , so it contains less sugar but it also has many salts as well like potassium and oxalate. Chloride because of the chemical processing. Only the syrup left from the final crystallization stage is called molasses. So, it is mainly used as an additive to animal feed (called “molassed sugar beet feed”) or as a fermentation feedstock.
  • UnSulphured vs  Sulphured Molasses: The only difference between the two is the way it’s processed.  The unsulphured form is  from the juice of the sun ripen cane and the juice is more concentrated, which is the best quality. The sulphured form comes from a young sugar cane and sulfur dioxide is added to keep the raw cane fresh until it’s processed.

Raspberry Tea is ideal for heavy bleeders because it helps tighten the pelvic area which helps reduce the cramps. To avoid overwhelming menstrual cramps altogether it is best to start drinking this beneficial tea during the PMS period for at least once a day so that the cramps won’t be as bad during your cycle.
Side Effects Of Too Much Raspberry Leaf Tea & Molasses

  • Nausea
  • Loose Stool
  • Digestive Problems

Recommended Dosage Of Molasses: 1 tablespoon a day= 15% of iron. Iron is excellent for individuals who suffer from anemia. You can also mix Molasses with tea or just hot water, or a smoothie of your choice.
If you do decide to try it always listen to your body. It is always safest to start out with a little and see how your body reacts to it, good luck on your journey to a cramp free cycle.

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